by Jan Faul

The South



East Wall, Fort Pulaski The last brick and masonary fort - 700 slaves built this fort with 35 million bricks.




Magazine, Fort Pulaski



Breached parapet, Fort Pulaski




Parade ground, Fort Pulaski





Holed wall, Fort Pulaski




Battery & Savannah River, Fort Jackson




Moat, Fort Jackson





Sea wall, Fort Jackson & Savannah River





Outer wall, Fort Moultrie




Guns, Fort Moutrie




Battery Lamar, James Island


Battlefield Parks, 2001

1. Fort Pulaski, near Savannah, GA this is the last masonary fort built due to the invention of the Parrott rifle. The shells from this cannon could easily breach the brick and mortar walls.
2. Underground magazine, Fort Pulaski
3. Breached parapet, For Pulaski
4. Parade ground, Fort Pulaski
5.. Holed wall, Fort Pulaski; shells fired by Federals on Tybee Island (2.5 miles) pierced this wall
6. Batteries, Fort Jackson, near Savannah, GA
7. Moat, For Jackson
8. Sea Wall, Fort Jackson
9. Outer wall, Fort Moultrie, Mount Pleasant, SC
10 early 19th century guns, Fort Moultrie
11. Battery Lamar, James Island, Charleston, SC



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